Love is what makes a piece collectible in the first place.

Apart from their decorative value, these pieces usually have strong ties to the cultures in which they originated. Well-preserved, antique pieces can readily be used as floor coverings, while mounted fragments can spruce up a wall as decorative accents.

The artefacts depicted here have been evaluated based on standard market criteria such as age, rarity, and expressive qualities as well as our personal preferences.

Susani, Nurata, Usbekistan, 19th Century, 174 x 66 cm



Jomud, Tschuval, Turkmenistan, 2th Quarter 20th Century, 121 x 75 cm

Boro, Indigo Textile, Japan, 1th Quarter 20th century, 156 x 124 cm

Shashavan, Mairasch, Northwest persia, 19th century, 100 x 61 cm

sitting carpet, Ningxia, China, circa 1800, 63 x 67